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How to Write Your Book In Evernote

When writing a book, there is a lot of research that goes into the content.  You write your book in one place, like Word or Google Docs, and you save all your links in another place, like in your bookmarks in your browser.  Why not get organized and save them in the same place that you write your book?

Enter Evernote.

The set up is quite easy!  All you have to is download Evernote to your computer/phone and download the Evernote Webclipper Extension to your browser.  After you create your Evernote account, you set up your Notebooks (Chapter 1, Chapter 2, etc).

When doing your research, as you find items that you want to save for your references, you click on the webclipper icon on your browser. Then select the notebook you want it to be saved in and add a tag and a remark and click save. It is helpful to add a comment as to why you saved the content, so you can remember when you go to use it for your book. When you go to write your book, then you only have ONE app open and you are more productive because you don’t need to go looking in different places for your research.

You can format your text as you write.  It has the same WYSIWYG editor that Word does (including text color and a horizontal line).

Let me know if you try it and what you think about writing your book this way!