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Tips To Help Your Social Media Engagement

People are always looking for ways to cheat on social media, especially when it comes to engagement.  There are no shortcuts that equal the real thing.  Engagement is one aspect of social media that tends to get PUSHED to the side or automated, and neither are a substitute for real-time engagement.

Engaging on your social media is one of the most important tasks you can do to help grow your accounts. Engagement does a few things (when done right):

  1. It helps you learn who your followers are and how to help them better
  2. It helps you become a thought leader in your industry because people get to know you and what you can do
  3. It helps you find new followers and a bigger audience

These outcomes do not happen overnight, but when you engage in real time and you are consistent with it, they will happen.

So what if you are shy and not real sure about how to connect with others? There are other ways to create engagement. Find a friend and start a conversation with them. Then slowly move to others who you have a common interest with.  Twitterchats is one easy way you can do this.  They are fun and focus on a specific topic so you can talk with others by answering questions that the host has asked.  You can also comment on a trending topic of the day.  And you can talk about one of your favorite shows or products as well.

One last comment is that engagement does not have to be time-consuming. It can take as little as 5 minutes to create a habit.  The important thing is to just DO IT and be consistent about it.

Have you tried some of these options? Which ones worked for you? Did you try other things that worked? Let me know in the comments!