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3 Things I Learned While Doing Social Media with the Super Bowl Team

When the call came out for volunteers to help with the Social Media for the Super Bowl I was immediately interested! I knew that it was a once in a life time opportunity that I could not pass up. I had opportunities that I would not have had otherwise and I met people I would not have met normally.
I was excited to be doing it with some of my friends. I went in thinking that we were going to ROCK their social media but I came out with some tips that can be applied not only to the Social Media Team but to teams in general.

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  1. Every aspect and person of your team is important. We had listeners, captains and leads. The listeners were the front line people. they were the ones who monitored the feeds for threats, issues and items that needed responses. They reported to the captains. The captains were the ones who decided if the responses were appropriate and approved or declined the responses. And the leads were there to insure that everything was handled and to supply more responses, if needed.
  2. Preparation is important for an event of any size. There are bound to be things that go awry and It is important to have the small things taken care of. Know what is needed for the event itself, but know what volunteers will need. Also know where your needs are and let your volunteers know before hand.
  3. Give more information than not enough. When you email your volunteers, give them more information than what you think they will need. When you say you will send them information, make sure you send them that info. Explain why you are putting them in a certain position and make sure that they understand the role of that position.

This was an incredible experience that I don’t think I will ever get again (unless the Super Bowl comes back to Houston). Why was I so excited about it even though It was a volunteer opportunity? Ummm…hello, Super Bowl? it was a chance to do something bigger than you and me! Even though it was volunteer, it looks REALLY good on my LinkedIn (under the volunteer section). I got to meet people from Twitter (yup that is them in the pic!) and we got really cool swag.

Have you volunteered for something that you were so stoked about that you didn’t care it was not paid? Let me know!

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Tips To Help Your Social Media Engagement

People are always looking for ways to cheat on social media, especially when it comes to engagement.  There are no shortcuts that equal the real thing.  Engagement is one aspect of social media that tends to get PUSHED to the side or automated, and neither are a substitute for real-time engagement.

Engaging on your social media is one of the most important tasks you can do to help grow your accounts. Engagement does a few things (when done right):

  1. It helps you learn who your followers are and how to help them better
  2. It helps you become a thought leader in your industry because people get to know you and what you can do
  3. It helps you find new followers and a bigger audience

These outcomes do not happen overnight, but when you engage in real time and you are consistent with it, they will happen.

So what if you are shy and not real sure about how to connect with others? There are other ways to create engagement. Find a friend and start a conversation with them. Then slowly move to others who you have a common interest with.  Twitterchats is one easy way you can do this.  They are fun and focus on a specific topic so you can talk with others by answering questions that the host has asked.  You can also comment on a trending topic of the day.  And you can talk about one of your favorite shows or products as well.

One last comment is that engagement does not have to be time-consuming. It can take as little as 5 minutes to create a habit.  The important thing is to just DO IT and be consistent about it.

Have you tried some of these options? Which ones worked for you? Did you try other things that worked? Let me know in the comments!

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One Way to Set Your Goals

Every year you have resolutions or new actions that you “want to do” or that you “will do” Then after you get all these ideas, they just stay in your planner or in your “to do” book you put in your drawer.

If that sounds like what you KNOW you will do, stop reading here!
BUT if you want to attempt to do MORE this year, keep reading!


There are MANY ideas that you will hear that you MUST DO in order to get sales, clients, or email subscribers.  The more you attempt to do, the less you actually do! You listen to others who tell you to “set goals” “set your intentions” and so forth.  You do that! You are SO excited! This year is NOT going to be like others and you are going to complete ALL 20 of your goals! Whew! That is a lot of things you have to think about.


Let’s go about this in a NEW WAY! Here are my steps I have people do when they are trying to start something new.  I think they may help you:

Start Small

Pick ONE or TWO goals that you want to work on. Start by looking at 90, 60, or even 30 days if you need to.  Think about what you KNOW you can accomplish in that amount of time. BE REALISTIC!

Create a Plan
  •     Mark the date on a calendar you want to hit your goal on: I will hit _______ (fill in the blank).
  •     Work backward to create the steps (or milestones) you need to get there. Write them down! Fill them in on the calendar.
  •     Pick your platforms (Blog, podcasting, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Periscope, Webinar – ONLY PICK WHAT YOU CAN DO).
  •     Pick when you will publish your blog posts and your social media.
  •     Create your blog posts/podcasts/webinar topics for your milestones.
  •     Create your social media topics (topics that will show others you are the best – and ADD VALUE to them).
Do the WORK
  •     Write the posts, record your podcasts, facilitate your webinars.
  •     Create your social media content.
  •     Create images (if you will be using them).
  •     Create your Call To Action (the place you will DRIVE PEOPLE TO).
  •     Search topics that are questions about what you do, and ANSWER the questions WITHOUT selling!
  •     Look at your metrics weekly to see how your traffic is doing.
  •     See where your traffic is coming from.
  •     If your metrics are not what you want — look at your content and keywords – tweak the content and try split testing new content.

This plan is a simple step-by-step approach to what you can do on a bigger spectrum. The goal is to show you the simple steps you need to do to accomplish your goals.