My 3 words to guide my 2017

3 Words

by Rebecca C.

My 3 words to guide my 2017

3 Words

by Rebecca C.

by Rebecca C.

Every year Chris Brogan creates  a 3 words for the year blog post, where he focuses his goals for the new year around those words.  I have participated in the past and last year I decided to just focus on one word.  Although I felt “busier,” I didn’t create as much content as I wanted too.  So for 2017, I am going back to the 3 words.  And because I didn’t create as much last year as I wanted to, my three words are Educate, Promote, and Publish.  I used these words to help form my marketing and content marketing goals for the year.

Here is a breakdown of my 3 words:

EDUCATE myself to better assist my clients

EDUCATE others for a digital world

PROMOTE myself and my Products & Services

PROMOTE others who are complimenting my content

PUBLISH more content for both myself and others

I will split the 3 between social media, Evernote, and sometimes both.


I believe that we can always expand on what we already know. Especially in the social media realm, as information changes almost monthly.  I want to assist others in their learning about being digital and their knowledge of social media.


I will promote more content that adds value.  I will also promote those who have complimentary content as well.  This will include tools for social media and being digital.


In 2016, I didn’t write/record much content, so I will be publishing more in 2017.  This will include blog posts, Publish on LinkedIn, and podcasts.

2017 will be a content tilt year for me.  I have started re-evaluating my content and am working on shifting it for this year.  I will be more of documenting more “real life” as opposed to “general stuff”.  I will be focusing more on what others want to know and questions they have asked.

if you have created them, what are your words for 2017?  Comment below and let me know.