Month: January 2017

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Getting the FULL Lightbulb to Illuminate

When I found Evernote, I was reluctant to use it. I didn’t think that it fit for my needs and I was not interested in branching out. I was satisfied with the applications I was using in my life, both personal and business-wise. I had one client who was using Evernote for everything but she had no rhyme or reason as to how she was using it.

The lack of structure in her Evernote drove me crazy. She would not share files with me and I had to log into her account to get the info that I needed for everything. I really did not understand her method and asked her if I could “clean” it up inside of the account. She said she didn’t care as it was just her “stockpile place”-the place she just dumped everything. The way she labeled her notes had nothing to do with what was in there. The note’s name would be the location she was when she created the note or even just the date.

After a couple of weeks, I had renamed her notes, created appropriate Notebooks and tags and even figured out how to use Stacks. It was that craziness that drew me into Evernote and helped me find my love for the app.

I have discovered my own system to use this app and have shown others how Evernote can change the way they run their business and make their life more productive, in general.

Do you use Evernote?
If so, how do you use it? if not, isn’t it time you give it a try? You can download it for FREE here!

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One Way to Set Your Goals

Every year you have resolutions or new actions that you “want to do” or that you “will do” Then after you get all these ideas, they just stay in your planner or in your “to do” book you put in your drawer.

If that sounds like what you KNOW you will do, stop reading here!
BUT if you want to attempt to do MORE this year, keep reading!


There are MANY ideas that you will hear that you MUST DO in order to get sales, clients, or email subscribers.  The more you attempt to do, the less you actually do! You listen to others who tell you to “set goals” “set your intentions” and so forth.  You do that! You are SO excited! This year is NOT going to be like others and you are going to complete ALL 20 of your goals! Whew! That is a lot of things you have to think about.


Let’s go about this in a NEW WAY! Here are my steps I have people do when they are trying to start something new.  I think they may help you:

Start Small

Pick ONE or TWO goals that you want to work on. Start by looking at 90, 60, or even 30 days if you need to.  Think about what you KNOW you can accomplish in that amount of time. BE REALISTIC!

Create a Plan
  •     Mark the date on a calendar you want to hit your goal on: I will hit _______ (fill in the blank).
  •     Work backward to create the steps (or milestones) you need to get there. Write them down! Fill them in on the calendar.
  •     Pick your platforms (Blog, podcasting, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Periscope, Webinar – ONLY PICK WHAT YOU CAN DO).
  •     Pick when you will publish your blog posts and your social media.
  •     Create your blog posts/podcasts/webinar topics for your milestones.
  •     Create your social media topics (topics that will show others you are the best – and ADD VALUE to them).
Do the WORK
  •     Write the posts, record your podcasts, facilitate your webinars.
  •     Create your social media content.
  •     Create images (if you will be using them).
  •     Create your Call To Action (the place you will DRIVE PEOPLE TO).
  •     Search topics that are questions about what you do, and ANSWER the questions WITHOUT selling!
  •     Look at your metrics weekly to see how your traffic is doing.
  •     See where your traffic is coming from.
  •     If your metrics are not what you want — look at your content and keywords – tweak the content and try split testing new content.

This plan is a simple step-by-step approach to what you can do on a bigger spectrum. The goal is to show you the simple steps you need to do to accomplish your goals.

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3 Words

Every year Chris Brogan creates  a 3 words for the year blog post, where he focuses his goals for the new year around those words.  I have participated in the past and last year I decided to just focus on one word.  Although I felt “busier,” I didn’t create as much content as I wanted too.  So for 2017, I am going back to the 3 words.  And because I didn’t create as much last year as I wanted to, my three words are Educate, Promote, and Publish.  I used these words to help form my marketing and content marketing goals for the year.

Here is a breakdown of my 3 words:

EDUCATE myself to better assist my clients

EDUCATE others for a digital world

PROMOTE myself and my Products & Services

PROMOTE others who are complimenting my content

PUBLISH more content for both myself and others

I will split the 3 between social media, Evernote, and sometimes both.


I believe that we can always expand on what we already know. Especially in the social media realm, as information changes almost monthly.  I want to assist others in their learning about being digital and their knowledge of social media.


I will promote more content that adds value.  I will also promote those who have complimentary content as well.  This will include tools for social media and being digital.


In 2016, I didn’t write/record much content, so I will be publishing more in 2017.  This will include blog posts, Publish on LinkedIn, and podcasts.

2017 will be a content tilt year for me.  I have started re-evaluating my content and am working on shifting it for this year.  I will be more of documenting more “real life” as opposed to “general stuff”.  I will be focusing more on what others want to know and questions they have asked.

if you have created them, what are your words for 2017?  Comment below and let me know.